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Based in UK, Maa Graphics is a professional design service provider offering illustrations for different areas in medicine and other healthcare fields. We create highly effective visuals to help record and publish scientific, medical, biological and other related information. Over the years, we have been offering medical illustrations to illustrate surgical techniques and procedures in medical text books, educational films, professional journals, computer-assisted learning programs, presentations, exhibits, and magazines. These illustrations are also helpful to produce pictures in manuals and books; and technical drawings, and maps for medical, technical and scientific journals.


Over the years, our illustrations have been using for higher education, medical device education and marketing, patient education, continuing medical education, and pharmaceutical mechanism. Our stunning, resourceful medical art solutions are also helpful for the study of anatomy and physiology; biology and the natural sciences; pathology and disease states; molecular and cellular processes; and medical procedures and diagnostics.


Maa Graphics is a full-service medical illustration facility offering cost effective, creative solutions hospitals, clinics, museums, health practitioners, researchers, device and product manufacturers, and many others. We have a team of talented illustrators and skilled artists who are well-versed in creating vector illustrations to complex 3D images. They are also experienced in all types of medical art, biotech, scientific, editorial and commercial illustration projects and budgets. We combine traditional medical illustration art approaches including watercolor, pencil, and airbrush to digital techniques such as Photoshop, digital paintings, vector illustrations, and high-end 3D illustrations. If you need, we can customize them according to your specifications.

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UK : +44 208 432 32 82
US : +1 347 707 11 99

INDIA : +91 9746 555 639


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